{Whose Bright Idea?}

“Embracing materials and methods for the positive impact they have on our environment is prioritising our collective future, and that is a very bright idea.”

Kate Hogan Gillies, Associate, Woods Bagot

A striking journey of sight, sound and touch awaits in {Whose Bright Idea?}, a collaborative installation by ARUP, Woods Bagot, Euroluce, europanel, and Buildcorp. The installation’s high-impact contrasts are visually enticing, while also imparting key messages about the circularity of materials, an ethos held by all collaborators. 

{Whose Bright Idea?} invites visitors to consider the lifespan of products and materials beyond the immediate timeline of a project. The installation’s elements have been selected for their simplicity of assembly, reusability, and design excellence, combining for the purpose of the build. Following the show, they will be dismounted and redistributed without a trace according to a circular lifespan model. Every element of the installation will be used again in another application. 

The installation also showcases the result of a highly intuitive collaboration process. Its design and development journey evolved freely, with collaborators workshopping ideas and taking turns to contribute creative solutions as the project grew in scope. The installation’s title – {Whose Bright Idea?} – directly references this organic design culture, a truly collaborative effort that has achieved an ideal balance between aesthetic value and sustainability considerations.

europanel - Project Skye Suites
Parentesi - Photography ALECIO FERRARI

Key products featured in the installation include FLOS’s iconic Parentesi 50 lamp from Euroluce, and bespoke architectural acoustic cladding from Europanel that is 100% Australian made and manufactured with sustainable materials. These products combine to create a dynamic interaction between design aesthetics, functionality and sustainable solutions, while also creating the perfect atmosphere for photo-worthy moments. 

The selection of products in {Whose Bright Idea?} also demonstrates the influence of the global design landscape on the Australian market. Signature silhouettes from FLOS reflect iconic European lighting styles that have been industry hallmarks for decades. These have been curated with a series of other innovative finishes to create a visual outcome celebrating both the architectural and the decorative in this installation. 

Reminding visitors that good design is timeless, {Whose Bright Idea?} communicates the notion that sustainability can, and must, be a central element in the design journey of a product or build rather an add-on value. ARUP, Woods Bagot, Euroluce, europanel, and Buildcorp embrace materials and methods for the positive impact they have on the environment, expressing a strong commitment to a more conscious collective future. A bright idea in every sense.