Haworth Design | Haworth Coworking Space

“We’re trying to change people’s mindset about where you work and how you work. We’ve had a ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy for a long time, and we have tried to express this through the products featured in this activation.”

Amilia Wallace, Workplace Strategy Advisor, Haworth Australia & New Zealand

Relax, grab a coffee and enjoy a few moments of peace at Haworth Design’s Coworking Space. Emulating the layout and functionality of the brand’s permanent community hub inside the 1 O’Connell office lobby in Sydney, the activation at Design Show Australia will engage visitors in a functional and aspirational environment where they can enjoy some respite from the buzzing show floor. 

A uniquely Haworth space featuring 100% of the brand’s product, the activation will showcase a range of ergonomic furniture products and panels to reflect Haworth’s organic workspace philosophy. This ethos champions the idea of strategically evolving a space to suit user needs, featuring furniture and complementary design elements that are future proofed, mobile and flexible. 

Haworth Coworking Space - Office Lounge Modular Sofa System - Design Show Australia
Cabana Lounge Modular Sofa System
Haworth Coworking Space - Office Lounge Modular Sofa System - Design Show Australia
Sound Absorbing BuzziDesk Split and BuzziSpace Pod

Visually, Haworth Coworking Space heroes its key branding colour, a refreshing sea green-blue, instantly catching the eye. The activation will be furnished with elements from its own sub-brand BuzziSpace, which creates acoustic solutions for the changing workplace in the form of curtains, mobile screens, light screens and desk panels. A hallmark of the activation design is the unmissable BuzziSpace pod, which invites visitors to experience industry-leading acoustic solutions that erase background noise from even the busiest environments. 

Additional Haworth products featured in the activation include the Australian-designed and manufactured piece Sekuru, a mobile platform with a centralised bollard supporting both individual and collaborative workstyles. Designed by long-time Haworth collaborator Patricia Urquiola, the Cabana Lounge modular sofa system is another hero product featured in the activation. This lounge set prioritises user performance with interconnecting screens to create booths that can be removed or reconfigured as the space requires. 

Haworth Co-Working Space | Design Show Australia

Exploring user experience in both a physical and emotional context, Haworth Coworking Space has also been designed to express the importance of social connection in the workplace. Its flexible layout promotes opportunities for conversation between individuals and groups, while its highly mobile furnishings facilitate interaction between visitors in a relaxed atmosphere. 

With only one desk in the activation, Haworth demonstrates their philosophy that people can work well from anywhere with good ergonomic support in their chair, and good acoustic properties in their environment. The brand continues to reimagine the traditional office environment, immersing visitors in an example of an organic workspace aligning people and space for optimal performance.