The Journey NEWMAT Australia

Immerse yourself in a unique visual and spatial experience inside The Journey, a concept designed by NEWMAT Australia that reflects the brand’s evolution and growth in the Australian stretch ceiling market.

“Overall it’s about the interaction with space, it’s about taking people on a journey and creating a visual expression of what NEWMAT offers.”

Using the central feature of a tunnel, the NEWMAT design team have explored the creative possibilities of light, texture and specific finishes. These elements combine to celebrate the brand’s innovative approach to delivering custom stretch ceilings that integrate seamlessly into any overall design scheme. The installation’s fluid nature creates a sense of calm for visitors, who experience light reflections showcasing the diversity of NEWMAT’S product range and its potential to enhance the atmosphere of any sized space.

The Journey NEWMAT Australia - Architectural Ceilings - MinterEllison
NEWMAT Australia - Minter Ellison, Sydney

The Journey also represents the strategic application of NEWMAT products across a range of sectors including commercial, hospitality, education, leisure, healthcare, retail and residential. Regardless of the sector, each project requires a tailored stretch ceiling solution with suitable finishes and aesthetic qualities to integrate with its surrounds. The brand’s translucent finish is one of its most popular products, and an ultra-wide variety features as a hero material in this installation.

As visitors engage with the activation, they are encouraged to consider the important relationship between material selections and the overall context of a project, as NEWMAT’s design team would do for any project or application. Similar finishes to those used in The Journey have been applied to a range of projects across Australia including TAFE Robina in Queensland, where NEWMAT completed a large backlit colour entrance. Following the show, NEWMAT will recycle the entire tunnel and activation stand, repurposing the LED lighting in another project.

The Journey NEWMAT Australia - Architectural Ceilings - Sofitel
NEWMAT Australia - Sofitel
The Journey NEWMAT Australia - Architectural Ceilings - TAFE
NEWMAT Australia - TAFE Robina

Whether it’s brightening up a wall, spot-lighting a dark room, or enhancing the atmosphere of a public area as seen in their design for The Journey, NEWMAT Australia continue to be market-leaders in their innovative approach to applying stretch ceilings and finishes. Their installation invites visitors to discover a new spatial dimension in which brand storytelling is expressed through the interplay between lighting and form.

Following the show, NEWMAT have recycled the entire tunnel and activation stand, repurposing the LED lighting in another project.

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