Is it furniture? Is it architecture? Is it sculpture?
Arthur Koutoulas — Design Talks Stage Activation

The design of the ‘theatre space’ is an exploration of scale. We wanted to
explore the threshold between furniture and architecture. The design straddles
the boundaries of various disciplines. The proportions used are neither
furniture nor architecture, but rather fall between two stools.

We’ve designed these oversized and exaggerated forms that respond to the
needs of the space. The walls are formed by strategically pinching the foam at
points to create the raised wall sections. The forms create an immersive
experience that showcases the qualities of our material partners.

Foam is a material that relates directly to the human body. Outside of clothes,
it’s a material that continuously touches the body the most. We sleep on it, we
sit on it for hours on end. You could say that foam is one of the closest man
made materials to the human body.

Foam is generally a soft building material. The fact that it comes in different
densities, allows the potential to do special things with it.
I’ve been exploring the possibilities of foam for 20 years and it’s a material that
still intrigues me. I feel that I haven’t finished working with it.

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