Zome Lounge by Giant Grass

Take a break, relax, network and get inspired in the Zome Lounge designed by Giant Grass, a design + build studio working at the intersection of art, design and construction. The lounge is an organic free flowing space inspired from natural shapes and geometric patterns that provides a break from the ordinary. Three large Zomes along with minimalist Danish designed furniture and calming bamboo plants provide a refuge to reflect and unwind.

The lounge is made from the Zome Building Kit, one of the first flat pack kit of this type that allows you to create a space within a space. The design of the Zome building kit is inspired from the zonohedron and creates a space that is not only functional but beautiful and fun to make. It is like a Meccano set just on a larger scale that promotes team work, collaboration and leadership and can be assembled in 3hrs. You can create a break out space in the office, a hangout space for children, a chill-out space to entertain guests, a greenhouse for seedlings, a poolside shade, or a tranquil glamping tent. The possibilities are endless. The Zome Building Kit provides a framework that can be customised with a range of covering options including canvas, acrylic, plywood or even metal sheeting to create a unique structure. The Zome Lounge also features the recently launched Zome Cubby that provides an inspiring space for children. The Zome cubby is made from bamboo plywood and can be easily assembled by children and their parents.

Sustainability is at heart of the design of the Zome Building Kit. It is made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants that is highly renewable, strong and aesthetically beautiful. The kit includes 350 pieces of engineered bamboo splits that need to be bolted together using stainless steel bolts without the need of power tools. Although bamboo is really strong, sometimes things go wrong. Due to the modular nature of design any bamboo split can be easily replaced to extend the life of the structure and at the end of life bamboo is fully biodegradable and steel bolts can be reused or recycled.

The Zome Lounge is supported by furniture provided by Cane-Line and bamboo plants provided by Bamboo Creations Victoria. Share your thoughts about the Zome Building Kit by visiting  the Zome Lounge and receive a free book ‘Co-building with Bamboo’ by Giant Grass.