Light at night as a pollutant - Design Show Australia

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

Light at night as a pollutant

eventJune 15
schedule12:30pm - 1:30pm
location_onLight & Smart Home Talks

The advent of artificial light at night (ALAN) has extended our day-time hours and changed the way we live. At the same time, this altering of the planet's natural cycles has inadvertently led to a myriad of consequences. ALAN has been shown to negatively impact everything from human circadian systems, wildlife and fauna, and even our access to the stars above. Our outdoor lighting that once defined human progress is now defined as a serious pollutant. 

Subsequently, it falls to designers to now consider outdoor lighting as much for its environmental impact as its aesthetic. Thankfully, the solutions are easier than we might think and designing lighting to reduce impact on the environment can be achieved, whilst balancing the positive contributions ALAN adds to the built environment.