BRICKS by THOMAS MAXAM - Design Show Australia

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney


Swinburne University of Technology

THOMAS MAXAM is a Melbourne (Naarm) based design studio, led by designers Thomas Cohen Wilton and Maxam Whiteley. The studio is driven by a desire to interrogate materials, explore the versatility and study the relationships between people, objects and place. With a slightly twisted, tongue-in-cheek attitude to design, THOMAS MAXAM allow themselves to express creativity without any reservations. Their step into the interior landscape has led them to create a range of homewares which are stocked around the world.

BRICKS is a collection of cold pressed glass luminares that embellish the form of traditional baked brick. BRICKS is intended to achieve a more refined cohesive whole, utilising pattern, texture & articulation to partner the interior landscape.

The design emote familiarity and challenge viewers to consider the role of brick within architectural structures; unit upon unit, contributing to the whole. BRICKS interrogates traditional notions of value, technological advancement and craft, harnessing the beauty of poured glass to contemplate the simple elegance of a brick unit.

  • Australia's Next Top Designer