Out a Space by Annie Gastin - Design Show Australia

13-15 June 2024, ICC Sydney

Out a Space by Annie Gastin

Tactile Arts

Annie came to the art of ceramics later in life and fell in love at first touch. She mostly work with a wheel in stoneware or porcelain to create objective, functional art. Sometimes she draws patterns with underglazes/glazes, but the emphasis is always on simple geometric form, exposing large areas of unglazed clay to celebrate its ‘earth’. Her influences are Eastern, through Deco and 60’s Retro.

Annie’s work has a minimalist style with Scandi and Japanese influences, following clean, predominantly geometric lines. Her intention is that the pieces that she produces are both functional and beautiful. Using an organic style of glazing on the internal areas of the pieces and leaving vast sections of the work unglazed, her work celebrates the intrinsic beauty of the clay.

The series that she intends to create for Design Show Australia will follow this practice with free-flowing glazes creating an organic contrast against the architectural forms that she produces with the clay, reminiscent of space travel.

Stand: ANTD25

  • Australia's Next Top Designer