Features, Installations & Activations

 Below is a sneak preview of some of the features, activations and installations taking place at the next event.

Haworth Co-Working Space | Design Show Australia

Haworth Coworking Space by Haworth Design

Relax, grab a coffee and enjoy a few moments of peace at Haworth Design’s Coworking Space. Emulating the layout and functionality of the brand’s permanent community hub inside the 1 O’Connell office lobby in Sydney, this activation engages visitors in a functional and aspirational environment where they can enjoy some respite from the buzzing show floor.

A uniquely Haworth space featuring 100% of the brand’s product, the activation showcasing a range of ergonomic furniture products and panels reflects Haworth’s organic workspace philosophy.

(Whose Bright Idea?)

A striking journey of sight, sound and touch awaits in (Whose Bright Idea?), a collaborative installation by ARUP, Woods Bagot, Euroluce, Europanel and Buildcorp. The installation’s high-impact contrasts are visually enticing, while also imparting key messages about the circularity of materials, an ethos held by all collaborators.

(Whose Bright Idea?) invites visitors to consider the lifespan of products and materials beyond the immediate timeline of a project. The installation’s elements have been selected for their simplicity of assembly, reusability, and design excellence, combining for the purpose of the build.

Artichoke Stand by Freehand Studio

For this year’s Design Show Australia, Artichoke Magazine’s activation at stand #623 encourages meetings and interactions while evoking a sense of calm that is often found in the comfort of one’s home. Freehand Studio looked to the connection of the home dining space combined with the warmth of the nau 2022 collection to welcome visitors while concurrently getting to know Artichoke Magazine and the team at Arch Media.

The Journey by Newmat Australia

With the introduction of the French brand Newmat to Australia, their designers wanted to have Design Show Australia attendees start on The Journey with them. The team have been at the forefront of this industry for 15 years and want to showcase their skills and the range of products, which meant encapsulating the Journey into a tunnel of reflections and light.

Lincoln Gin Lounge by Cult x Four Pillars

Designed for meeting, socialising and conversation, the curated Lincoln Gin Lounge area at Design Show is the launch pad for Lincoln – a new modular sofa system designed by Adam Goodrum for Cult’s Australian design brand, nau. Between 12pm – 5pm daily, visitors can enjoy a complimentary selection of Four Pillars’ latest gin blends, including Rare Dry Gin & Tonic and Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic.

Main Stage by Arthur Koutoulas

Discover a striking balance between form, materiality and conceptual explorations at this year’s Main Stage, a dynamic expression of designer Arthur Koutoulas’s signature approach.

The conceptual framework for the Main Stage explores the relationship between art and architecture, negotiating the role of art and design in an immersive architectural application. This is an ongoing avenue of exploration in Koutoulas’s approach to creating design experiences of scale. The Main Stage explores the scope of creative possibilities that arise when the boundaries between theses disciplines are blurred.

nau Stand

At stand #860, visitors will be greeted by an immersive display of the nau collection in a soft residential setting. Styled with layers of sheer Kvadrat Maharam curtains in yellow, beige and pink tones, this stand is the launchpad for the new Lincoln sofa, Furl coat stand and Nest Monochrome tables by Adam Goodrum, alongside collection bestsellers by Tom Fereday and Kate Stokes.