Megan Hounslow - Design Show Australia

SYDNEY 2022 | 20-22 October, ICC Sydney

Megan Hounslow

Megan Hounslow

Creative Director and Owner

Megan is an accomplished interior designer known for creating enriching and intuitive spaces across commercial institutional and residential sectors. Her work is crafted and often kept to a minimum for simplicity, purity, and restraint.

Parallel to her design work, Megan has recently unearthed her passion for oil painting which she studied prior to Interior Design. This emerged during the isolation of the pandemic and a desire distract from anxiety in the demand constant noise of today’s busy world.

Her works are studies of the subliminal qualities and found rhythms of nature and the landscape. Working in oils, the intent is to distils moments through atmospheric layers, utilising colour, contrast and scale to transport the viewer to rest upon each piece.

Megan's original work is currently on exhibition at In Good Company and is available in both original and print format on her website